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When we talk about organizational culture, what we really mean is: how does it feel to come to work every day, and how do things get done around here? A thriving workplace culture drives strong employee engagement, where employees are aligned with the organization’s values, believe in the organization, and will give discretionary effort to help it succeed. Our team uses a combination of data analytics, engagement surveys, focus groups, and interviews to assess organizational culture and engagement, and to make customized recommendations for improvement. 


Now more than ever, employers are realizing that it’s critical to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, ensure equitable processes, and support an inclusive workplace culture, where everyone feels they belong and can bring their authentic self to work each day. Infinito Associates brings more than a decade of experience with Employee Resource Groups, DEI Councils, and applying DEI principles throughout the talent lifecycle. We can help you develop a custom DEI strategy that best serves your organization.



Organizations frequently claim something to the effect of, “Our greatest asset is our talent” but many fail to invest appropriately in developing that talent. With workplace experience in talent management, leadership development, succession planning, and promotion processes, our team can help audit your talent processes for opportunities to improve, or we can help you build talent development processes and structures from the ground up. Let us help you optimize your talent development processes, because if you don’t grow your talent, your competitors will.

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